Fourdeg Smart Heating ® is a comprehensive Service to improve indoor comfort with individual and stable heating, and save heating energy costs by lower consumption and demand-side management. The Service works fully automatically at room level accuracy in any size of building, including commercial and residential.

Fourdeg Smart Heating ® Service heats each room at the right time with the right amount of heating energy


Fourdeg Smart Heating ® is a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) for buildings and district heating networks. The core is a cloud-based software utilizing patented big data algorithms. The Service is adaptive to local changes, such as number of people or window opening; predictive to the local weather forecast, and learns from the individual heat response of each room.

Heating of the building is operated with electronic wireless TRVs (Thermostatic radiator valve) and gateways, compatible with other IoT (Internet of Things) devices and building automation. The installation is fast, premises can be in normal use during the installation, and the heating is not cut off. After installation, the Service works automatically, enabling a remote access for Maintenance and the Tenant.

The Service is connected to the district heating system to enable Demand-side Management in selected buildings.


Fourdeg Smart Heating ® consumes 10-35% less heating energy by adjusting the temperature of each room at the right time – resulting in savings in the whole energy network.

Energy Company

Energy Company

  • Demand-side Management for District Heating
  • Buildings used as short-term energy storage
  • Source of big data for new digital services

Fourdeg Smart Heating ® Service can operate buildings as short-term thermal energy storages in District Heating Systems. Demand-side Management shifts heat loads in time without necessarily decreasing energy consumption. Fourdeg co-operates with Energy Companies in order to provide value for their customers. This way, Fourdeg together with its Partners seeks to create novel and scalable business models.

The Demand-side Management Service enhances flexibility and optimizes power and heat production. Each building has an individual storage capability which is optimally utilized by the Service. Simultaneously, the thermal comfort of the resident or employee is improved by providing balanced and individual indoor temperature.

The Service predicts beforehand the hourly load of the building. Herewith, buildings are heated before a system load peak occurs and hence decrease load during the peak. Thus, peak boiler utilization can be mitigated. In addition, the Energy Company can operate base power more economically, which increases fuel economy and decreases costs and emissions.

Real Estate Maintenance & ESCo

Real Estate Maintenance & ESCo

  • New business opportunities
  • New services for growth
  • Differentiation

Real estate maintenance companies and Energy Service Companies (ESCo:s) utilize Fourdeg Smart Heating ® as part of their comprehensive services. This opens new business opportunities and possibilities for growth with existing clients.

Fourdeg Smart Heating ® enables cloud-based big data services, such as consumption-based billing, heating optimization, heating analysis, HaaS (Heating as a Service), remote access to monitor and control the heating, and preventive maintenance with automated alarms, reports and statistics. Our Partners can differ from their competitors with room-level accuracy and scalability to any size commercial and residential buildings. The Service is connectable to other building automation systems.

Professional Building Owner

Professional Building Owner

  • Lower heating costs
  • Raise the value of the property
  • Satisfied residents

Fourdeg Smart Heating ® modernizes the building heating system and raises the value of the property. The Service provides lower heating energy consumption with increased comfort. This is achieved by heating each room at the right time with appropriate heating energy.

The service operates as an independent solution, or it can be implemented in conjunction with other thermal renovations. Manual hydronic TRVs (Thermostatic radiator valve) are changed to electronic wireless TRVs connected to the Internet. Rooms can be in use during the installation and heating functions normally. After installation, the service works automatically. The heating of either the whole building, a part of the building or an individual room can be remotely monitored and controlled.

Fourdeg Smart Heating ® saves 10-35% heating energy with up to a few years’ payback for the initial investment. Additional savings can be achieved with energy efficiency, preventive maintenance and improved tenant satisfaction.



  • Comfortable indoor temperature
  • Balanced and individual heating
  • Fully automatic operation

Fourdeg Smart Heating ® provides increased comfort with balanced and individual indoor temperature.

Manual TRVs (Thermostatic radiator valve) are changed to wireless electronic wireless TRVs connected to the Internet. Rooms can be in use during the installation and heating functions normally. The service does not require any actions from the tenant. Yet they are able to affect their own consumption by adjusting and scheduling the heating with a mobile phone or a computer.

Tenants, whether they are residents or employees, are satisfied when each room has the right temperature for the user of the room. A healthy temperature improves the air quality and has a positive influence on wellbeing. We are currently delivering mainly to Business customers. A Service for consumers will be available later.


We founders wanted to create a meaningful, and good business with an ecological impact. People spend four times more money on heating than telecommunications, although the latter one gets more attention. The heating of buildings causes one third of greenhouse gas emissions, which is twice more than traffic. Everyone has experiences with poor heating; it’s either too cold or hot. Especially existing buildings have problems with heating, and building stock renews only 1% a year.

Fourdeg Smart Heating ® creates a better quality of heating, saves energy, and reduces emissions. All parties from Tenant to Energy Company benefit from our Service.

Markku Makkonen

Markku Makkonen

CEO, Co-founder

MS, Electrical Engineering with 20+ years of business and product creation in wireless network software, hardware and consumer business.

Jarkko Saunamäki

Jarkko Saunamäki

CDO, VP, Co-founder

MA, lndustrial Design with 20 years of product and concept design in B2B and B2C products and software.

Mikko Kaijärvi

Mikko Kaijärvi

CTO, Co­-founder

MS, Electrical Engineering with 20+ years of product development in energy systems and wireless systems.

Fourdeg comprises of a team of Energy Experts, Algorithm Developers, Software Architects, Developers and Testing. Market and Technical advisors are from Energy Management, ESCo and Aalto University. We have a highly experienced Board and Investors.


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